MVP Health Care

To sign up for a TransShuttle Account, powered by Axiom Systems Inc. for elecronic claim entry of MVP claims please follow the directions listed below.


Required Process to bill MVP electronically

  • To begin, please click this link for the TransShuttle homepage:
  • Next, click "Create an account".
  • Please enter your business name and address on the following screen. For the "Organization ID", choose something short and simple as what you enter will become part of the user ID you will use later to get into the website.
  • On the following screen you will need to enter the Signing Authority and Administrator. The Signing Authority is the person that will be accepting the agreements for the web application and agreeing to its terms. The Administrator will be the person that will be using the web application to enter claims. You must enter a valid email address in order to receive your logon credentials after you create your account. Please keep the Login ID short and simple.
  • The information you enter in the next section will be the billing entity information that will be transmitted in your electronic claims.
    • You must enter a valid NPI that is registered with MVP.
    • Enter either your Business Name - OR - your First and Last name, whichever is registered with MVP.
    • Please enter your billing address - this cannot be a PO Box; it must be a physical address.
    • Please enter your taxonomy code. If you do not know your taxonomy code, you can search for your NPI record on the following site :
  • On the final screen, you will need to confirm the information listed is accurate. Please read through the Terms of Use then click "Confirm and Create Account" to complete the account creation.


What happens next?

The Administrator will receive an email within 5 minutes of clicking the "Confirm and Create Account" button. The email will have the first User ID that can be used to log in to the TransShuttle system and a link for the password to be set. Next, someone from our Support Department will contact the Administrator to schedule a setup and training appointment. We advise you have at least one to two claims ready to be entered and submitted to MVP during the training appointment.


If you have any questions or need assistance signing up for TransShuttle, please call our Support Team at 602-439-2525, option 1 for Support, then option 4 for TransShuttle. Support hours are Monday through Friday from 6 am to 4 pm (Phoenix, Daylight savings not observed).