Magellan Health

The following process must be completed prior to initiation of electronic claims submission or inquiry to Magellan Health.


In order to register for electronic claims submission, you must first send an email to Magellan EDI Support at the following address:


In the email please let them know you wish to be a direct submitter. Provide your company name, NPI, tax ID, contact information, and request to be assigned an IT Analyst to guide you through the process.


You will also need to visit their EDI Testing Center and register for an account by going here:


If you need assistance with online registration, please call our office number at 602-439-2525 and press option 1 for Support.


Once registration is completed, you will begin EDI Testing.

EDI Testing is done once the following tasks have been completed:

  • Download the companion guide (this is for the software vendor who will be responsible for creating your EDI File)

  • Complete the EDI Survey (call us if you have questions

  • Internal Review of Survey (this task will be completed by the EDI Analyst after review of your EDI survey. They may contact you with questions.)

  • Upload and Validate 1st EDI test file (your vendor should help you with this step. It involves creating the file with a T in ISA15 then manually uploading it on this test site)

  • Upload and Validate 2nd EDI test file (this cannot be a duplicate of the 1st EDI file in any way)

  • Mark the task to indicate you have completed testing


Once testing is completed, you should be assigned a logon and password for their productions site. You will need to give this information to a ClaimShuttle representative. Our number is 602-439-2525 then press option 1 for support. If you wish to contact Magellan directly with additional questions their number is 1-800-450-7281.


If your software vendor information is requested at any point during this process, please contact your software vendor. ClaimShuttle will simply act as the connection between you and Magellan. It will not be responsible for creating your EDI Files.