Kentucky Payers

In order to submit claims electronically to a payer, an interested submitter must first enroll for an electronic Submitter ID also known as a Trading Partner ID. To the right, you will find the payers that you can submit claims to electronically as a “Direct Submitter” using Claimshuttle. Please choose your desired payer to open the enrollment instructions that we have put together for your convenience. Follow the instructions to obtain your submitter ID.


If you do not see the payer you would like to submit to electronically on this page, return to the Payer List and check out our options under the National Payers section.


If the payer you would like to reach is a commercial payer, do the following:

  • Under the National Payers section, click on the Commercial Payers link, if the Payer is not on that list…
  • Return to the National Payers section and click on the link for the Availity Clearinghouse. View the Availity Clearinghouse payer list to see if the Payer you want to reach is available through Availity