JK National Government Services: Rhode Island Medicare

National Government Services (NGS) administers Medicare health insurance for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for Jurisdiction K which includes the State of Rhode Island. If you are a provider located in the State of Rhode Island and need to become an electronic submitter for your Medicare A/B Claims, please follow the enrollment instructions below.


Required Enrollment Process

The following process is required and must be completed prior to initiation of electronic claims submission or inquiry. 


Please click the following link then follow the instructions to access the enrollment page:

  • Go to www.NGSMedicare.com

  • Press "Accept"

  • Select your State and Line of Business and click "Enter"

  • Select "Enrollment"

  • Select "Register for EDI"

  • Click "EDI Enrollment" on the left-hand side

  • Click "Start Enrollment Process" then click "Accept"



Providers who are new to EDI and need a new Submitter ID, please follow these instructions:


  • On the first screen, please select the box for "Provider" then press "Next"

  • On the following page click the box "I want to complete an EDI Registration Form" then press "Next"

  • Using the drop-down, select your contractor code (state and line of business) then press "Next"

  • Enter your Billing Provider Information

  • In the next section, select "ASC X12 837 Claims" for electronic claims and if you want electronic remits also select "ASC X12 835 Remittance"

  • Choose either "I have one PTAN/NPI" or "I have multiple PTAN/NPIs" based on your situation, then enter your PTAN/NPI below

  • Enter your provider information if different, or check the box "Address is the same as listed above" if the same

  • For Trading Partner Information "Action", please select "Obtain TPID"

  • Please select or enter the information for the software vendor you are going to use to create your electronic claims

  • In the Operating Information section, please select "Axiom Systems" as your Network Service Vendor

  • Select the appropriate response for the Offshore Provider Information question to fit your situation

  • In the Electronic Remittance Advice Information section, you can choose either TIN for Tax ID or EIN for Employee ID

  • Verify all fields are correct and complete any remaining fields

  • Please have the authorized official electronically sign the form

  • We recommend you print this packet for reference


* Please Note: After the above, you may be asked to complete either an EDI ERA Enrollment Form (for receiving electronic remittance advice), or the EDI Registration form, which may be required to complete your enrollment


Please Note: NGS recently changed their enrollment process from forms that had to be submitted online and faxed, to an online guided enrollment. They have provided manuals that can be accessed here and we have done our best to provide the instructions above to simplify the process. If you encounter any problems filling out these online applications, feel free to call our Support team at 602-439-2525 or NGS EDI Department at the number listed below.


Waiting for a Response

After processing, a confirmation will be sent to you as notification to begin filing claims electronically. If neither confirmation nor a returned packet is received after two weeks, please contact the Technology Support Center toll-free at 1-888-379-9132.



Once you have received your Submitter ID and Password from NGS, please call the ClaimShuttle Support Team and set up an appointment for Mailbox setup and Test Transmission.

Please have 25 test claims ready for testing. Test files should consist of a variety of claims that represent the type of claims you will be submitting once production status is achieved. Test claims will not be processed for payment, but will be validated against production files, therefore, they must contain valid patient procedure, diagnosis, and provider information.