Department of Labor

Please follow the Enrollment Instructions below to become an electronic submitter to the Department of Labor.


The Department of Labor handles claims from Providers who have rendered services to federal employees for workers compensation injuries or disability. If you are an enrolled provider and would like to sign up for electronic claims submission so you can send your DOL Claims electronically, please follow the instructions below to apply for a Submitter ID. 


Required Documents for those applying for new Submitter IDs

The following document is a required enrollment document that must be completed, signed, and returned to the Department of Labor office before initiation of electronic claims submission or inquiry.

1. Department of Labor-OWCP EDI Enrollment Form

Please call 1-800-987-6717 if you have any questions regarding this form.


If you have any difficulty accessing the link above, please go here and click on "Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA)" then click the link for the "EDI Enrollment Form":


We can now process 276/277 requests (claim status). If this is a transaction you would like to utilize please make sure to enroll with the payer.


New EDI Submitters

The following instructions will help you complete the Submitter ID Application form that will be sent to you by the Department of Labor:

  • Select "Provider" as your classification

  • Please complete section A1 with your demographic, contact, and provider information

  • Leave sections A2 and A3 blank

  • Please choose the following for section A4

  • Submitter Type: Vendor Software

  • Format Type: X12N

  • Transaction Type: Choose Professional or Institutional (CMS1500 = Professional, UB04 = Institutional)

  • Submission Method: "ASYNC"

  • If you would like to receive your remittance advice electronically, complete A5 with the following:

  • a. "Yes"

  • b. "You"

  • c. "997 and 835"


If you have additional questions or need help completing this form you may contact the Claimshuttle support team at 602-439-2525.


Submitting your Forms


It is recommended that you keep a copy of all the forms you will be submitting for your records. Return the completed form to:


US Department of Labor
P.O. Box 8300
London, KY 40742-8300

Waiting for a Response

After processing, a confirmation will be emailed to you as notification to begin filing claims electronically. If neither confirmation nor a returned packet is received after two weeks, contact the Technology Support Center toll-free at 1-800-987-6717.



Once you have received your Submitter ID and Password from DOL, Please call the Claimshuttle Support Team and set an appointment for a Mailbox setup and Test Transmission to DOL.

Please have 25 test claims ready for testing. Test files should consist of a variety of claims that represent the type of claims you will be submitting once production status is achieved. Test claims will not be processed for payment but will be validated against production files; therefore, they must contain valid patient procedure, diagnosis, and provider information.