Department of Labor

Please follow the Enrollment Instructions below to become an electronic submitter with the Department of Labor for 837 file exchanges.


The Department of Labor handles claims from Providers who have rendered services to federal employees for workers compensation injuries or disability. If you are an enrolled provider and would like to sign up for electronic claims submission so you can send your DOL Claims electronically, please follow the instructions below to apply for a Trading Partner/ Submitter ID. 


To apply for a Direct Trading Partner ID with DOL please visit this website:

  • Begin Enrollment
  • For EDI Submission Method please select File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Batch
  • For the EDI Contact Information, enter your information.
  • Please remember that YOU will be the Submitter. You will NOT be using a Billing Agent or a Clearinghouse

You may also review their enrollment Tutorial for assistance:



Please contact the DOL EDI Helpdesk at 1-800-987-6717 once you receive your FTP ID and Password and confirm if they need you to send a Test file first before sending Production files. If you are required to Test, please ask their helpdesk how many claims and files they require for Testing.


Once you have the information above, Please call the Claimshuttle Support Team and set an appointment for a Mailbox setup and Test Transmission to DOL.

Please have your test claims ready if needed for testing. Test files should consist of a variety of claims that represent the type of claims you will be submitting once production status is achieved. Test claims will not be processed for payment but will be validated against production files; therefore, they must contain valid patient procedure, diagnosis, and provider information.