Administep Clearinghouse

To add a mailbox for the Administep Clearinghouse please send an email to


Include the following in your message:


To EDI Team,

Please add a mailbox to my account for the Administep Clearinghouse:



Billing Professional or Institutional claims?:

Name of Software creating my EDI files:


We will contact you once we are ready to set up your mailbox in ClaimShuttle.


Please Note: if you are using ClaimShuttle as your NSV for file exchanges with Administep you must have your own software that can create your 837s according to Administep’s 837 requirements. If you are using PC-Ace Pro32, Medicare's free software, you may upgrade your subscription to add-on our SolAce software so you can create 837 files for all of our available receivers. If you are interested in using our software and need further information please feel free to call our sales team at 602-439-2525 option 2.


(Administep’s 837 Requirements: ISA05 & ISA07 = ZZ, ISA06, GS02, & 1000A NM109=Submitter TAX ID, ISA08, GS03, & 1000B NM109 = 752777124, Carriage Return = ~, Element Delimiter = *, Sub-element Delimiter = > )